This document is a small guide for your support in locating articles. A lot can be done under the keyword entry. The keyword will look into not only our Keyword database but also in the title of an article. Of course you will sometimes find sidekicks of 'flash' (;-)) no search engine is perfect !

Each and every article has a keyword in our database. In combination with the first one or two letters of our article code, you can get some amazing results !

When a single article is detailed, you will also see the Keyword which is entered in our database, perhaps you can learn from this


- Article codes

- Keywords

- Aircraft types

- Air Forces and airliners

- Narrowing down

Article codes (top)

The first two characters of our article code indicate the type of article. Beneath is a listing of all codes. All codes starting with a 'T' are second hand items. When searching for for example only plastic models. You can simply include only the letter "M" under Article ID and your results will contain all articles which have a 'M' in their code such as plastic models (MO) and add-ons (MZ) as well as second hand models (TM). Likewise, only entering the letter 'B' under Article ID will provide a listing of books only.


Nederlands English
AK Ansicht kaarten Postcards
AS Assortiment Assorted items
BK Boeken Books
BS Serie boeken Book series
DC Decals Decals
DT Desk Top modellen Desk Top models
DV Diversen Various items
DZ Diversen Series Various items in series
FG Figuren Figures (modelling)
FS Flight Simulatoren Flight sims
GS Gereedschappen Hobbytools
KL Kalender Calenders
KT Vliegkaarten Charts
MA Tijdschriften Magazines
MO Modellen(schaal) Models (plastic)
MP Modelbouw Prod. Modelling products
MZ Modelbouw onderdelen Modelling add-ons
PC Patches/Badges Patches/badges
RC Radio-Control R/C
RS Resin Resin
RZ R/C Parts R/C Parts
SG Speelgoed Toys
SP Speldjes Pins
ST Stickers Stickers
SZ Speelgoed Series Toy series
VC Vacu-form Vacu-form
VF Verf Paint
VS Benodigdheden Piloten Pilot supplies
VZ DVD Series DVD series
XB Andere / militaria boeken Non-aviation books / militaria books
XS Andere series Non-aviation book series / militaria book series
XX anders / militaria diversen Non-aviation models / militaria models
TA Ansichtkaarten Postcards
TB Boeken Books
TC Modelbouw onderdelen Modelling parts
TD Diversen; decals, vliegtuig onderdelen, instrumenten, uniformen, helmen aircraft parts, decals, Helmets, Instruments, Uniforms
TE Niet luchtvaart boeken /militaria Non-aviation Books
TF Folders Leaflets
TJ Jaargangen (tijdschriften) Annuals (magazines)
TK Kalenders Calanders
TM Modellen Modelling (plastic)
TO Speelgoed, Desktop, Diecast Diecast and Desk top models
TP Patches/Posters Patches / badges / shields
TR Resin en Vacu-form Resin and Vacuform
TS Serietitels Book series
TT Tijdschriften Magazines
TX Serie boeken militaria / niet luchtvaart Non-aviation models
TZ DVD Series DVD Series

Keywords (top)

We work a lot with the civil country codes, for example if you want anything on Dutch related items, you could enter

- "/PH/" under keyword and you will get all results.

Country codes

All country codes consist of two characters, so Belgium is "OO" the normal civil aviation prefix, for countries which only have one letter, like Germany -the letter 'D'- you simply have to double this, becoming 'DD', 'GG' for the UK etc.


bv. /F4/NN/AF/ (USAF Phantoms)

AF Air Force ANNUAL Jaarboeken bv 'ANNUAL 10'

EY Early Years (voor '14) FC Fictie & Romans

HB Homebuilts KNVVL Boeken voor KNVVL/Thermiek

OO Boeken over Belgie PH Boeken over Nederland

Searching for aircraft types under Keyword (top)

Aircraft types - military

Under Keyword, for military airrcraft we work a lot with the USAF designation, so 'F-104' or 'F.104' or 'F104' will give you the F-104 Starfighter.

As the UK does not have such system, Spitfire will remain Spitfire.

'/F4/NN/AF/' Wil give USAF F-4 Phantoms as a result

Aircraft types - civil

For the bigger and more popular civil aircraft it is 'A320' or 'A.320' to get the Airbus A.320, likewise '777' will give Boeing 777's

A Cessna 172 aircraft can be found with '/CESSNA/172/', a Bell 222 will be '/BELL/222/'

Air Forces and airliners/operators under Keyword (top)

'/PH/AF/' Dutch Air Force stuff

'/PH/NAVY/' navy stuff

'/PH/ARMY/' Army stuff

'/KLM/' will simply suplly all items related to KLM

Various codes within Keyword


Aerobatic subjects



Annual publications

like RAF yearbook, Flugzeuge der Welt and Observers


Flying boats and amphibians



Lockheed Constellation



Aircraft crashes and incidents



Demonstration team






Homebuild aircraft





Narrowing down (top)

You an narrow your search down by combining several fields.

- "/PH/AF/" under keyword will give all Dutch air force items

- "/PH/AF/" under keyword and the letter "MO" under Article ID will give all new Dutch air force models

- "/PH/AF/" under keyword and the letter "MO" under Article ID and selection 1/72 under scale will give all new Dutch air force models in the 1/72 scale

- "/PH/AF/" under keyword and the letter "MO" under Article ID and selection 1/72 under scale and typing "F-16" under title/name will give all new Dutch air force F-16 Fighting Falcon models in the 1/72 scale